Thursday, July 3, 2008

Thirsty Thursday

UFC 86 Drinking Game: Compete at ones own peril. Remember to act as responsible as possible when drinking excessively and to not hangout with Jay Bilas afterwards. Oh and be careful or you might end up like BJ Penn.

UFC 86 Drinking Rules

1. Ensure ample supply of beer, preferably cheap
2. Grill should have an excess amount of red meat on it
3. Girlfriends, Wives, Significant others should not be in close proximity of those competing in the game
4. Maybe have a trash can ready
5. Game begins when the Buy button is pressed on the PPV
6. Before each fight pick a winner

Drinking references

QBP = Quarter Beer Pound(full minute time limit)

HBP = Half Beer Pound(full minute time limit)

FBP = Full Beer Pound(three minute time limit)

Shotgun = Shogun the beer

Sip = self-explanatory

Buffalo = To drink with one’s off hand

Failure to comply with the rules will require that the participant Shotgun

QBP if you watch the shows preview twice in a row, the fight doesn’t come on for a half an hour idiot

QBP if the show’s opening involves gladiators

Shotgun if you are playing this game with Cobra

Sip because Mike Goldberg is to old to rock that haircut

Sip if Joe Rogan corrects Mike Goldberg

Joe Rogan says “That’s Craaaaaaaazzzzyyy!!!” = HBP

QBP if Joe Rogan is wearing a black button up shirt

Bruce Buffer says “Aaaannnnd NOW ITS TIME….” = HBP

Switch to Buffalo if the fighter assumes a Southpaw stance

Sip if a fighter throws a Superman Punch

Sip if a fighter passes his opponents Guard

Sip if a fighter takes down his opponent

Sip if a fighter takes side control

Sip if a fighter escapes from a submission

Sip if a commentator says a fighter has a lot of heart

Sip if a fighter lands a head kick

Sip if a fighter completes a Judo throw

Sip when rampage howls

Sip when someone begins to bleed

Sip when they show a celeb in attendance

QBP if Forrest comes out to Drop Kick Murphy’s

QBP if your fighter wins

QBP if a fighter is dropped by a single punch

QBP if Rampage power slams his opponent

QBP for early stoppage or if fighter believes early stoppage

HBP if your fighter loses

HBP for blood/cut stoppage

HBP if a fighter is saved by the bell from a submission or KO as viewers must feel what its like to be in the match

HBP if a fighter is dropped by a barrage of punches

Shotgun if a fighter submits opponent via gogoplata in any round

Shotgun if a fighter wins via 1st Round TKO

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