Saturday, July 19, 2008

The MMA community looks into the crystal ball picks for Affliction: Banned

MMAWeekly UFN 14 Preview

MMAWeekly Affliction: Banned Preview

MMA Experts Picks for Affliction: Banned(how stupid is Tim Sylvia in that pic, does this guy not have a PR person working with him?)

Interesting that not many people in the blog community are talking UFN 14, but I guess it's not surprising considering the card it is up against. Personally, I am interested in watching UFN 14, but I will probably not do so live. The Bushwhacker plan of attack will work as follows; 1) Utilize DVR for Affliction prelims on FSN and UFN 14 on Spike Tv 2) Watch the Affliction: Banned PPV portion live 3) While all the bogus bullshit like the Megadeath concert and poor commentary is going on between flights flip to the DVR to check in on some action without commercial interruption. Oh yeah, we just got HDNet, so Monday night will consist of DREAM 5. Yes, I know we're meat heads, but that is why we're bringing back the Bushwhackers....

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