Monday, July 28, 2008

MMA Weekly catches up with Josh Barnett

“Coming here I’m used to the other crowds,” Barnett said. “I’ve always felt that the UFC had kind of a negative crowd aspect. I was really blown away by the fans. There was a little booing here and there, and that can’t be helped, I know what they’re weaned on. Those last fights really exploded…it was like a hand grenade going off. I only can expect bigger and better things from not only the show, but from the crowd as well.”(Interview here)

I am a huge Josh Barnett fan and if there is a fighter out there that can beat Fedor it is definitely the Baby Face Assassin. As to the dislike of US crowds, all I can say is that some fans here don't have respect for the total package when it comes to fighting, but they do add a great deal of passion and excitement to the events. Yes, Japanese fans are quiet and respectful, but the matches in DREAM or Sengoku seem like libraries at times. If the US fans could so how rid themselves of that old guard blood sport mentality, the events would definitely be much more appreciated by some fighters, especially those not willing to leave Japan. Personally, I find it annoying when fans boo just because a fight stays on the ground for an extended period, because it shows a lack of respect for the fighters. Additionally, the referees could help things out by restarting the action more often, something which they do in Japan quite a bit more than in the states.

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