Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Jesse Taylor and the Magic Eight Ball

For those of you who are TUF fans the name Jesse Taylor brings to mind one thing, MEATHEAD. Coco the Monkey, as his friends lovingly nicknamed him is prone to some erratic behavior to say the least. Jesse has the dubious honor of fighting his way into the TUF Finale, but then getting kicked off the show after it had been completed because he went on a bender and all that was left in his wake was caught on security cameras across town. The guy is a steak, don't believe me checkout this video.

In trying to figure this guy out, Butch and I came to the conclusion that Jesse must operate under the Magic Eight Ball rule of life, i.e. when in doubt just shake it up and see what happens.
Here is how that faithful night must have went......

Coco: Blackout Tonight?

Magic Eight Ball: Outlook Good

Coco: Can I rock the white wrap around shades like CB and Riddle to PURE?

Magic Eight Ball: As I see it, No

Coco: What do you think of my new fucking haircut?

Magic Eight Ball: Better not tell you now

Coco: Jager Bombs! Jager Bombs! Jager Bombs!

Magic Eight Ball: It is certain


Magic Eight Ball: Most likely

Coco: I am gonna grind on some fucking bitches tonight

Magic Eight Ball: It is decidely so

Coco: This limo window looks good but it's hot in Vegas, I am going to kick it out.

Magic Eight Ball: Signs point to yes

Coco: Do you know who I am? I am a UFC fighter.

Magic Eight Ball: Reply hazy, try again later

**For more on Jesse Taylor and this weekend's fight checkout the always reliable and always informed Kevin Iole column from Yahoo! Sports

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