Thursday, July 31, 2008

Court Jester Commentary

What makes entertainers, using this term very lightly, think that we should listen to their social commentaries on our culture or the state of this nation? Why should I value your opinion over mine or any other educated person in this country? Just because you bummed around LA for while, whipped up a couple mocca Fraps on your way to working a job where you get paid to act like someone else for millions of dollars doesn't mean your opinion is more valid. In short, people like the people you portray not you, just because you act like a President in a tv show doesn't mean you are dialed into the politics of this nation. Why I am on going off on this rant? Well, turns out some idiot comic named Andy Daly thinks that the UFC makes the Armageddon(article is here). Andy, thank you for your thoughts, but I'd have to put our dependence on foreign oil, the subprime crisis and the worst housing market in our countries history ahead of what sports we choose to watch. Plus, if you really wanted to be creative you should have talked about all the transfat we eat and how we'll all eat so much that the country combusts into a sea fat. In short, get a new set of jokes or a new target to rag on because this audience won't deal with your misconceptions.

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