Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Dragon vs. Thaigo Silva set for UFC 89

Undefeated Lyoto "The Guy Nobody Wants to Fight" Machida vs. undefeated Thiago Silva. If Machida hasn't earned a title shot, I don't know if he ever will get one. Because of his defensive fighting style, no big name guys want to fight him. Fighters are worried they could end up being embarrassed like Sokoudjou or lose a close decision like Tito did in his last fight. Thiago is certainly a dangerous fighter, he has wins over James Irvin and Houston Alexander in the UFC, and he is undefeated in the cage, but he doesn't really have the report card to be facing a contender like Lyoto at this point. This fight has more downside risk for Machida than it has upside for Silva, if that really matters.

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