Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Early News

The salaries for Affliction were frighteningly large, there is no way they can put an event like this on again.....$800,000 to Tim Sylvia? No wonder Dana gave him the boot. Check the live gate numbers, considering the magnitude of the card I am disappointed.

Compare those numbers to the UFC's
and it is pretty clear why they are doing so well financially

MMAFrenzy.com breaks down Affliction's future in MMA, good article and follow up from the post yesterday on this site, if you haven't read it check it out and comment

MMAWeekly reports that Thiago Alves vs. Diego Sanchez is set for UFC 90 in Chicago, should be a great opportunity to put either fighter in the driver's seat for a shot at the title

Missed this piece from Yahoo! Sports on Sunday, but it is a follow up on how Rumble Johnson's eye is doing. For those that haven't seen the fight, it is the most poorly refereed fight I think I have see. Johnson was repeatedly poked in the eye and there is absolutely no question the intent was dishonorable. I wouldn't mind if the UFC dumped Kevin Burns tonight, it was that ridiculous.

UFC 87 Trailor

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