Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Spider vs. Fedor: Just the Facts

Before we get into the real debate, let's take a look at how these guys stack up numbers wise.

Career Stats from fightmetric.com

- Anderson Silva

If you look at all of his fights in the UFC, Silva has rated 100% twice and 89% or above% four times in his seven fights in the Octagon. His only black eye would be a 65% score in his win over Travis Lutter, although it should be noted Lutter rated out at 38%.

Fedor is equal as dominant, rating 100% twice, and 90% or better three times in his last three fights. His two poor performances(both wins), came against Mark Hunt(65%) and Mirko Cro Cop(58%), two pretty solid opponents.

That looks pretty even to me. The only thing I would say is that Fedor's competition has been very mixed over the past few years, but his most recent performance against Sylvia more than makes up for that. Tim hasn't been the most consistent fighter, but you saw him get rocked early by a shot from Couture and he recovered to last five rounds. In this fight Tim got rocked early and he was taping out before he could even gets his wits back.

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