Thursday, July 31, 2008

Early News

Fight Salaries for Elite XC Unfinished Business and it appears the financial fall out for the lack of promotion may be big.

Kimbo will star in something other than porn and a children's movie no less. Only in America can a former porn bodyguard star in a kids film. What's next Miley Cyrus in a porn?

Shocking the Affliction bout in October between the Pitbull and Fedor is on hold......I guess that happens when you fight every fighter under contract in one show, medical suspensions tend to get in the way. The problem Affliction has is they started the car in fourth gear going downhill, now they have to go uphill, which means dropping in down a notch. Here are the medical suspensions as well.

New UFC contender Dan Miller gets his first shot at UFN 15, Miller is the middleweight champ of the now defunct IFL

You got to see this video, pretty much what makes everything that is Japanese MMA awesome. When do we get the camel toe shots of the UFC ring girls on PPV? More hot ring girls here

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