Thursday, July 31, 2008


Huerta goes off on the UFC management and salary scale in this month's fight magazine. has the details here. Typically magazine interviews are done months in advance of publication, so I will be interested to see how he responds to the interview ahead of the biggest and most publized fight of his career. Somehow I believe that getting a headline fight against Florian has to make him feel more respected and let's face it the guy got the cover of SI over a number of more high caliber names i.e. Liddell, Couture, Ortiz, GSP, Hughes, etc when he was just making a name for himself in the UFC. How much more exposure and respect does he want? I understand fighters being mad about their salaries, but if your management can't take advantage of a magazine cover to get you income outside the Octagon that's your problem. Get an agent or a manager that can maximize the exposure you get and increase your sponsorship or ad dollars. This guy is a hit with the Hispanic population who loves fighting, why isn't he in more Hispanic/Latin focused ads? Get an agent with a clue and start making more money on the side, fighting creates exposure and exposure can be sold, so sell it and shut up. You signed a fight deal, honor it and when it's up the UFC will pay you what your worth.

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