Sunday, July 27, 2008

Elite XC Unfinished Business Revew

It really is a shame this event was not promoted well because I thought it turned out to be excellent for the viewer. All the fights were entertaining and there were no strange decisions by the judges or unnecessary stoppages. Audience numbers have not been released, but I am guessing they will probably disappoint, which is a shame because I was impressed with CBS's second effort in MMA broadcasting. I thought the production was tight and crisp. Gus, Mauro and Frank worked well together. Gus was especially much improved as his excited style was matched by a much improved knowledge of the sport. Specifically, I thought the Smith-Lawler fight was even better than anticipated and the Baszler-Cyborg women's match was highly entertaining as well. Bigfoot and Diaz both dismantled fighters who probably had no business facing them, but at least they managed to finish them with TKOs. Overall, I thought it was a good show and a great second step for Elite XC. Unfortunately, they scheduled the event a week after the biggest MMA weekend this year and on the same Saturday as the Cotto-Margarito fight. My final take away would be I can't wait to see the Carano-Cyborg in October. Shocking I know, but trust me women's MMA is coming up.

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