Thursday, July 24, 2008

Follow up: Aleksander Emelianenko

MMANews is reporting that Emelianenko has been cut from his Affliction contract because of the positive Hep B test. I am not sure where the guy will go from here as a fighter, because no legit operation will support him. It is a lot like the Tommy Morrison situation in that even if he finds a way to clear himself, he'll end up like Tommy fighting on some back country reservation for a few casino chips and a place to sleep that night. His story will forever be that of a fighter who had so much talent but wasted it. He never has had the work ethic of is brother Fedor and seems to be a bit of a loose cannon outside the gym, one would draw those conclusions based on his numerous prison tattoo's. I'll I can say is best of luck and you were entertaining to watch.

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