Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Ron Burgundy interviews Fedor

Ron: Gargle...Gargle....aaaah scotch I love it. Nowhere else can you drink from a 12 year old and not go to jail for it! You hear me big guy, you know what I am saying...grass on the field and what not....Anyhoooo great to have you in America. Have you picked up any Levi's or toilet seats since you've been here?

Fedor: grummble....groan.......knods head up and down....American People's jeans

Ron: So how about that Cuban missile crisis huh? You guys really tried to pull one over on us....Khrushchev, what a jerk?....I missed three swinger parties because of that whole deal. Are you KGB?

Fedor: grrrrrrr.....shakes friends with Putin....democracy

Ron: Democracy!!!!! Hah in the USSR, not even Brick would believe that one....whats next Chinese Democracy, right like that album is ever going to come out. Fedor I like your style, you got kind of a Burgundy look to often do you sculpt your guns? No wait don't answer that, let's go to the clip.....

Ron: Wow you look great almost as good as me, but just a little advice.....chest hair.....grow it.....the ladies love a man with a're like their own personal George of the works.....maybe roar a little bit you got a lady in your life?

Fedor: mmmmgrrrr.......grrrrrr.....mmmmmmm...breathes heavily

Ron: Take it easy buddy, don't get all fired up. Papa Burgundy has got the answer to your problems. Jazz Flute......chicks will flock to you like the fishes of Capistrano. While you're at it grow a mustache, all the sportsmen are doing it these days. Checkout our local hero Ozzie Smith...

Fedor: mmmmummble......rubs chin

Ron: That's right buddy, no chick wants a man without a french tickler, its just not Kosher. That's Finnish for classy by the way. Best of luck to you in your round of fisticuffs this weekend, unfortunately I've got to get the pleats fixed on these pants......

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