Friday, July 25, 2008

Elite XC Unfinished Business Preview

Lost in all the hype about last week's showdown between Affliction and the UFC was this week's Elite XC show on Saturday night. Granted there will be no Kimbo Slice and the caliber of fighters will not come close to the level we saw last weekend, but it has been my belief that Elite XC fighters have put on a good show for fans even though they may not be the biggest names. There is no question that Scott Smith and Robbie Lawler will be as action filled as their first bout on national tv, because both fighters would rather get KO'd or submitted than have their fight got to a decision. Plus, they have the added pressure of holding this weekend's card on their shoulders and they won't want to disappoint. Additionally, I think Elite XC and CBS will learn from some of the mistakes they made last time in terms of show length and production quality which will add a lot of value to the viewer experience. Yet despite all those positives, Elite XC does face the challenge of following up last weekend's spectacular fights. Are fans going to be tired of watching MMA? This show will be the fourth major show this month and fans may want to take a break this Saturday night to do something else; like watch Cotto vs. Margarito.

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