Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Fightlinker.com is reporting that the UFC is considering a November return for Rampage and a bout against Wanderlei Silva. Are you kidding me? The guy is mental, there is no way he should be let back in the ring until he gets his head on straight, not to mention he'd get his head kicked in again by Wandy. Details are here, even more info from SI.com here


sportsbaron said...

this guy went postal and he's returning to the mat. this is not the reputation the ufc needs, but the NFL is giving Pac Man a chance.

The Prophet said...

Hey, my name is Jim and I'm the head honcho at The Savage Science. Thanks for linking to us--we've returned the favor.

Love the name of your blog, though as one of our writers commented "They'll always be the Kiwi Sheepherders to me"

Keep up the great work!