Saturday, August 2, 2008

WEC 35 Sunday Night on Versus

Sunday night will be a big night for the WEC and a great opening for MMA in the month of August. Three championship fights in one night is extremely rare and to have it on free TV is even more ridiculous. By no means am I an expert on the fighters in the WEC, but I have watched a number of their events and the fights are always entertaining. Regardless of MMA pedigree the big name in this event is Brian Stann. Stann, who just completed his service in the USMC, is the current light heavyweight champ in the WEC and will be defending his belt for the first time against Steve Cantwell. There is no secret to Stann's success, his strategy is pretty simple; keep it on the feet and the longer it stays there the quicker his opponent gets TKO'd. In six professional fights he is undefeated and all have ended due to strikes. His opponent, Cantwell, is 4-1 and that lone loss is to Stann via TKO, so this match up has a lot of intrigue behind it. I definitely see this fight ended with Stann's hand raised. Will he KO Cantwell? I am not sure, fighters who face opponents in a rematch whom they have already knocked out tend to do two things; 1) They are way over confident, leave themselves open and get finished via KO or submission(think Couture vs. Liddell 2), 2) Their opponents are overly defensive because they were previously KO'd so they spend the entire fight covering up and defending the take down, which results in a boring fight but a win for the Champ(think Tim Sylvia vs Arlovski 3). Right now I am saying number two is much more likely, because Cantwell seems to be a smart fighter and I don't see Stann just going crazy and risking his belt.

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