Monday, August 25, 2008

Kimbo to take on Ken Shamrock Oct. 4th confirmed that the bout will be announced today....this fight will be a joke. Ken Shamrock has been over the hill for a least five years now and not even the UFC could resurrect his career. How is losing to Kimbo going to change anything? Is Ken Shamrock a name that will still draw people to watch? Perhaps Bret Rogers was to experienced for Kimbo at this point, but Elite XC needs to step up their game.

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D Manley said...

2nd most blatant headline-grab attempt in MMA history, just behind the Ortiz-Shamrock fights. I would like nothing more than to see Shamrock win since it would FINALLY show the casual fans that Kimbo doesn;t stand a chance against even semi-decent competition but unfortunately (and no disrespect to Shamrock) Shamrock has too much mileage on him to be considered even semi-decent competition at this point.