Wednesday, August 20, 2008

CBS/Elite XC Should be Ashamed........

Word on the street is Kimbo Slice is set to face Sean Gannon on the October 4th Elite XC CBS show. Given Kimbo's last opponent was a tomato can, one would assume Elite would move to give the crowd something more entertaining to watch than some guy he lost to in a street fight like five years ago. Honestly, Sean Gannon got a shot at the UFC because his first win over Slice and got his freaking head blasted in by Braden Lee Hinkle in his last professional MMA fight which was in...............2005. Seriously, they have a fighter,Bret Rogers, talking smack about Kimbo after the last CBS fight, why not put that together? Lots of MMA veterans and fans are questioning how legit Kimbo actually is and to his credit Kimbo is eager to prove himself, so why put him up against a fighter that hasn't seen the inside of a ring in over three years? If Elite XC really tries to pull this off they will go out of business because no one will tune in to watch that fight. More details here

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