Friday, August 8, 2008

WAMMA talks about Arlovski/Barnett "Elimination Match"

It is an interesting interview and the COO of the WAMMA has some great quotes, check the interview here.

"Without question, WAMMA would have very much liked to have a WAMMA Championship on the line between GSP and Fitch. It is a natural fit - the fighters occupy the #1 and #2 WAMMA rankings respectively. However, the UFC is not cooperating with WAMMA at this time and even if we were to award a WAMMA title to the winner, the fighters could not accept them. WAMMA has the utmost respect for the UFC and we hope this situation changes as the UFC is clearly the dominant MMA promotion. Just look at our ranking on - Zuffa fighters dominate most weight division. Back to GSP v. Fitch, I personally will be glued to the television Saturday night to watch that fight."

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