Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Today's News

"You can't let him get confident and comfortable in the centre of the Octagon," says Cote. "You have to push the pace for five minutes every round. If I do that, I can catch him. I'll take care of him."

Yikes....somehow I don't see things working out for Patrick...here is the whole interview

MMARated has notes from the UFC Press Conference this morning.....Mike Swick added to UFC 90 and Silva could move up the 205 again after he beats Cote

Tito's ego is officially busted.....back negotiating with the UFC

Forrest Griffin and Mac Danzig make a Tucker Max movie

Regardless of what GSP says about taking time off BJ Penn is training for a fight in December

Where in the world is Denis Kang?

Fightlinker.com shares their thoughts on the upcoming TUF season...get rid of the booze and horseplay, add more training and fighting

Help Jorge Rivera out ASAP

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