Friday, August 8, 2008

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“There’s no guarantees that Florian and Huerta are going to get a title shot after this fight,” White told TAGG radio on Thursday. “It definitely puts them in the mix…but definitely, if St. Pierre beats Fitch, it’s looking like it’ll be GSP (vs.) B.J. Penn.”
Dana White talks Cro Cop and makes the ridiculous assertion that Cro Cop was not brought in to lay waste to the heavyweight division.

Betting advice for UFC 87, call up Tony Two Times and get your picks in early and if that doesn't work of you we have some more ideas here.

Interesting article made the cut over at Fanhouse(put together by the guys at

Gina Carano...I wanna be on wait.....I wanna be on you

Alessio Sakara versus Joe Vedepo @ UFN 15

UFC 87 Preview

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