Thursday, August 7, 2008

Today's News

Rampage makes an appearance in a Dana White video blog.....

Dana White comments from a radio Affliction lost $4 million on Banned....totally believable by the way, sorry to everyone out there who believes that Affliction is the shit......yes it is shit......the business model that is

No surprise here....Arlovski/Barnett winner gets Fedor....who else were they going to fight?

Countdown to UFC 87 is on tonight on Spike 11pm ET/PT

Brock Lesnar loses his cool a little bit.....Saturday night's show willl answer a lot of questions

Trainers who talk shit are cowards period.....Ken Flo's trainer Mark DellaGrotte makes a habit of doing this on the regular and not surprisingly he had some things to say about Roger Huerta. K-Flo and DellaGrotte are all bent out of shape because the seem to think that Huerta is spoon fed and gets hyped by the UFC. K-Flo/DellaGrotte, three fights after you lost to Diego at the TUF finale you were fighting for the lightweight belt, did you really deserve that shot?

Huerta and the UFC are far apart on contract negotiations......Roger, you have one fight left on your contract and no leverage.....the UFC will sit you down for a year if they have to.........get signed, get paid, win the lightweight title and then start bitching

TapouT is the worst MMA show out there....I don't know why people like it.....the show is for mouth breathers....supposedly they crush Lauzon's gym on their show this week.....I wouldn't know but had some words

UFC 87 Predictions from the

The Sandman plans to talk to the commission about his positive test

Joe Rogan blogs, always brings some serious heat

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Mr.Twister said...

I really hate the whole TapouT crew and their apparel. 1st I must address the three dildos that parade around like they got lost going to the Rocky Horror Picture Show. They are embarrassing and I am not sure that they don't London Bridge each other every night. Some folks should take over the abomination from those jokes, and make it respectable. As far as their clothing -- seeing as I live in a "red" area of the country, every wanna-be wears around that crap, acting as if they are tough. The fact of the matter is that everyone who wears that trash down here, their athletic pinnacle was being a pork-rind eating scrub on the scout team. It is embarrassing watching the clowns down here wear TapouT shit, really it maybe a litmus test as to whether or not they should be euthanized. Ah, eugenics, if only – we could decide based on merit who at the very least should not procreate: top 3 on my list: 1. the 3 TapouT douches, 2. people in the South wearing TapouT gear, 3. Tennessee fans, and the list could go on and on and on and on into perpetuity.

Come on fellas don't tell me that Big Ed's offspring have any TapouT gear.