Monday, August 11, 2008

More Thoughts on UFC 87

Overall, I would give the entire event a B. I thought Lesnar was great and the GSP/Fitch war was excellent, but Florian/Huerta was a total bust. The other fights had spurts of entertainment, but I was not that impressed. Sure it was exciting to see Emerson finish Manny is 12 seconds, but that seemed to be more about terrible game planning on Manny's part than Emerson's skill level. Kongo KO'd a guy who hadn't fought a professional fight since Bodog's USA/Russia event and Damien Maia submitted a tough Jason McDonald. I did think it was pretty funny that no one even talked about a possible BJ Penn versus Florian title fight and that it was immediately BJ versus GSP. Florian is certainly an entertaining fighter, but this performance was merely okay. Huerta never looked into the fight, but Florian still couldn't finish him. In my opinion it shows that the UFC really doesn't think Florian is that legit a contender if they are giving BJ a shot at the 170 title without even defending his 155 belt once. All in all, I think the event justified the $40 price tag, but I have seen better events in the past year.

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