Thursday, August 21, 2008

Professional Dodge Ball Player

"The update on [the deadline] is nothing is going to happen with it," Dion said. "That's what's going to happen with that. I don't care about how many threats [Shaw] wants to pull. We'll be doing a press conference if EliteXC doesn't see the light here pretty soon and if Shaw doesn't stop talking [expletive]." Interview is here

KJ Noons is officially no longer a MMA fighter and is now a pro dodge ball player. Yes, give him a spot on your office squad because this guy has zero interest in proving himself in the fight game. The 5 pm deadline for Noons to get the contract signed came and went with nothing agreed upon other than more blustering from Elite XC and Noons' agent. Apparently Noons is not happy to fight Diaz because he feels there are better fighters out there and he has nothing to gain by fighting Diaz a second time. Memo to KJ: you agreed to fight for Elite XC and they make the fights, if a fight makes them money it makes money you regardless of whether you think you fought the "best" or not. Fans want to see you fight Diaz and they will watch that fight. They don't care about you fighting anyone else and they won't watch you fight anyone else. If no one watches you fight, then you are worthless to any promotion and if you are worthless then you can't get paid. Do yourself a favor take the fight, get paid and give the fans what they want. If you are what you say you are then there really isn't anything to fear. Unfortunately, I have a hunch that you think you might lose. Given the fact you have not fought anyone legitimate in your short career and Diaz has fought some of the best, I would be afraid as well. At the end of the day you need Elite XC because the UFC isn't signing you and Affliction doesn't have anyone you think is "good enough" to fight.

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