Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Tito still a Free Agent with a Pregnant GF

“Donald Trump, myself and Tito engaged in a conversation,” said Cohen about the potential deal with Ortiz. “There was nothing substantive that was discussed other than that we are interested in sitting down with him, which we are planning on doing in the very near future, to discuss with him the opportunity to join the family of Affliction fighters.”

Ortiz stated in a previous interview with that he was under a "no compete" clause until August 2nd at which time he was free to negotiate a contract with anyone. I am not sure why he would go out and make a big deal about a fantastic new contract that he hadn't actually signed unless he was trying to create some leverage with the UFC or Elite XC. Either way, the longer he drags this out the worse it is for him. The last time he wasted time "negotiating" or doing whatever he is trying to do, he lost an entire year so it would probably be wise to not pit too many people against each other. Here is the article from

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