Tuesday, August 5, 2008

SHOCKER!!!!!!!!!! Tito Ortiz signs with Affliction

Great job SI.com for scooping the story that well everyone knew was going to happen. Does this mean that Tito and Dana will still have regular slap fights? Definitely sad to see Tito leave the UFC, because I gained I lot of respect for him when he coached on TUF. He has always been a bit of a polarizing figure, but you can tell he really cares about the sport and other fighters. The reality is that he did pave the way for big paychecks and he demanded that promoters respect his substantial PPV contributions, which didn't always sit well with people but that is how the business is sometimes. Moving to Affliction is the right move, at his age and with the wear on his body from fighting, he needs to be grabbing the big paychecks. Now that is not saying he can't fight. Everyone considered Randy Couture finished after he lost to Chuck Liddell a few years ago and now everyone wants him to take on Fedor, so climbing back to the mountain top is not out of the question for Tito. However, doing that in the UFC, in a very stacked 205 lb division was just to much to ask in my opinion.

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