Tuesday, July 1, 2008

UFC 86: Champion vs. Challenger July 5th

Big weekend for MMA fans, UFC 86: Champion vs. Challenger on July 5th. So what you’re a little hung over from the 4th, pick up a 12 pack, get the shampoo effect going and saddle up for some bushwhacking action. Reigning light heavyweight champ Rampage Jackson takes on Forrest Griffin in the main event. Yes, they both were coaches on this season's Ultimate Fighter Reality Show, but who really cares. These guys are a pair of jokesters and the “hostility” I saw on the show was forced at best. However, from a physical standpoint it is going to be a great fight. Rampage’s game has evolved greatly from being the slam machine he was in PRIDE and he has run through two of the UFC’s best in Chuck Liddell and Dan Henderson. Forrest, the winner of the Ultimate Fighter Season 1 and probably the most popular fighter amongst the new breed of MMA fans, just knocked off the number one contender for the light heavy crown in Shogun Rua. Neither of these guys have seen the ring in the last 10 months so appropriately I expect fireworks this fourth of July weekend. Plus, you could probably hit Forrest with a tire iron and he wouldn’t go down. Oh yeah he rocks that really dope song from The Departed as his walk out music, just check the video below.

As much as I love Forrest’s guts in this fight, I expect to see Ramage rocking the chain and patented howl at the end of round three in a TKO(strikes).
- Cousin Luke
For more info checkout the Countdown to UFC 86 below

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