Monday, July 7, 2008

Joe Rogan and the Goats Vagina

Yes that was probably one of the more crazy UFC PPVs I have seen. Not only was the Forrest upset huge, but Joe Rogan actually referred to Chris Lytle's cut, or was it Marvin Eastman's(too many brew dogs at that point) as a goat's vagina. Never a dull moment in or out of the Octagon.

Two days after the fight I am still not sure how to take it. On the one hand I am disappointed that Rampage isn't the champion because I was really hoping to see a Liddell - Rampage rematch with the title on the line before the end of the year and that just isnt going to happen. However, I am stoked that Forrest is the new champion, the people's champ, and I think the UFC has to be tremendously happy as well. From TUF 1 Champ in 2005 to Light Heavyweight Champ in 2008, that's pretty damn good and it also validates all the fighters that have competed on the show. Somewhere out there Nick Diaz is cursing I am sure. As far as the fight itself, it reminded me a lot of Couture's dismantling of Tim Sylvia to regain the heavyweight belt. Rampage was never comfortable in the Octagon and other than dropping Forrest in Round 1, he just seemed out of it. Forrest followed the gameplan, which was to tire him out with leg kicks and by the time Rampage did get the opportunity to slam him, he had no energy to do so. Hopefully we see a rematch this fall. More on the other fights later today.

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