Friday, September 12, 2008

Machida wants to wait

“… we just don’t see the advantage of fighting a UFC newcomer. The (Thiago) fight made a lot of sense and it was the one we wanted…. We would like to wait for Thiago to heal up. They are both 13-0, so let’s see who gets to 14 first…. Nothing personal against Thiago. It’s going to be a bummer to have to stand across the Octagon from him, but sometimes you have to fight your friends…. I text messaged (UFC matchmaker) Joe Silva right after the fight on Saturday night and said we would fight Rashad next. But these guys know what they are doing. (UFC president) Dana (White) was saying that if Chuck (Liddell) got by Rashad, he would get a title shot but then Rashad beat Chuck and in that fashion (so) maybe that is the fight to promote. We would like to get a shot. (But) it’s a business and they think that that fight makes more sense right now. We don’t feel slighted.”

- Lyoto Machida from

Thiago has some dynamite finishing skills and I was definitely looking forward to seeing this fight. However, waiting for a fighter to recuperate is always risky and if he really wants a title shot, it would be best for him to fight now.

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