Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Today's News

I still think it is funny that people find Ken Shamrock to be a legit MMA fighter, but Luke Thomas makes a "case for Kimbo" here Did you people not see Ken take a dive against Robert Berry at Cage Rage 25? Please see the video above and if you still think Ken actually can fight I'd like some of that sweet sweet cheeve you are smoking. FYI current odds Kimbo(-500) and Ken (+300) Regardless, this fight needs to be a ratings boom for Elite XC

Randy Couture interview with MMAWeekly here

Okami vs. Lister at UFC 92

Franklin vs. Hendo at UFC 93?

Here is the bout order for Saturday night's blood bath

Pretty interesting Rant about the sport of MMA here

Gina Carano is single and looking to secure top position...........

Strikeforce ring girl pics are here.........enjoy Harris

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