Friday, September 12, 2008

Today's News is reporting that Evan Tanner died of heat exhaustion and that his bike did not run out of gas. It appears that Tanner may have run out of water and succumbed to the 110 degrees temperature in the desert

The Crow, David Loiseu, may be headed back to the UFC if he can pick up a victory this weekend at XMMA 5. After losing to Rich Franklin and Mike Swick, Loiseau lost his spot in the UFC, and suffered an additional defeat to Joey Villasenor of Elite XC, but has rebounded with two straight wins.

Randy Couture is using his return to bolster the rights of fighters and gain more medical coverage to insure the safety of fighters.

MMAMemories has some commentary on the new WAMMA ratings Part 1, Part 2

Roger Gracie, one of the top up and coming heavyweights, headlines Sengoku 5

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