Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Early News

First things first, if you haven't check out the Cro Cop fight on youtube. The above clip is from the end of the fight and find Overeem's comments fairly hilarious since the bout was ruled a no contest. It is pretty clear that Overeem kneed him once in the nuts, Cro Cop protested, but the ref missed it and then he does it a second time at which time the fight is stopped. The fight is then restarted and Overeem commits the foul a third time which ultimately results in the no contest. Was Overeem winning the fight? At the time he had established dominant position on the ground twice and inflicted damage, but as soon as he went into the clinch with Cro Cop he landed the illegal knees, so it is difficult to determine how the fight might have ended. Certainly a rematch seems in order if DREAM is around long enough to hold one.

More news from DREAM 6, the show only drew a 9% rating far below expectations

Chris Leben has big things planned for UFC 89, "I'm going to make 20,000 people shut up"

David Blaine meets Kimbo Slice...hopes to end up better than his hero Houdini

Lots of things are expected out of UFC 91, but are things going as expected?

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