Friday, September 19, 2008

File this under OMG

“If I were Forrest, I would be a little scared right now,” Winkeljohn(Rashad Evans Boxing coach)

This stuff really pisses me off. Granted this is clearly a move to hype a fight that realistically probably wouldn't be happening if Chuck had executed a better game plan, but just because the fight is going to happen doesn't mean that we should be subject to this garbage. Rashad landed one punch and was inches away from being crushed himself. If he thinks that he can run and trick himself into a KO of Forrest he'll end up getting punked out just like his brother on episode one of TUF. Forrest submitted Shogun and beat the piss out of Rampage, if anyone should be afraid in this fight it should be Rashad because Forrest has outclassed two top five fighters at 205 lb in his last two fights.....other than beat Chuck Liddell, who is on the downside of his career by the way, what signature win does Rashad have and don't tell me Tito?

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