Thursday, September 25, 2008

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The fact that Josh Barnett isn't fighting Arlovski on the Oct. 4th card made the rounds last night and accusations that Barnett declined the fight persisted until he stated on his website that he was never offered the fight. Why not? Probably because Elite XC doesn't want Kimbo to be overshadowed and undoubtedly a Barnett vs. Arlovksi match up would have produced a better fight for fans than Carano or Kimbo, Elite XC's two biggest assets. I know, why would they deny fans the best fight? Pretty simple, Elite XC is run by boxing promoters, which is why Kimbo is facing a guy who was put out to pasture about five years ago. Are they saving that match up for a Showtime PPV with Affliction? I couldn't tell you, but the partnership would seem logical because they each have something to bring to the table. Affliction has some top quality guys and Donald Trumps money while Elite XC has a roster full of fighters at all weight classes and a partnership with Showtime/CBS. The only question is, what will the new organization be called? On that note I give you these thoughts from MMAJunkie.

Yahoo! Sports really needs to step up their game because this dude is a joke.....honestly this is probably the worst post ever and such a stretch it is not even funny.....not only that but most of the "breaking" news he posts is late or unoriginal, the exception being this bastardization of an unrelated news story.

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