Monday, September 29, 2008

War Machine Speaks via

Another Myspace Bulletin gem from War Machine:

Evan Tanner and the faggot ass UFC..

So the UFC decided to let me go because of my statements after the death of Evan Tanner. They tried to make it look like I was insensitive towards Evan and that that was the reason I was being cut.

In all honesty my bulletin regarding Evan was bashing the UFC and the way they treat fighters and not negative to Evan in any way. if anything I was sticking up for Evan and the way he was mistreated by the UFC just like the vast majority of it fighters.

Anyway, since my bulletins and all the bullshit being talked about on the underground several of Evan Tanner's close friends and family members have been in contact with me. 99 percent of them were not mad at all and pretty much let me know that they knew where I was going with the whole bulletin and for me not to worry about hurting any of them directly.
SO yeah one of his close friends just messaged me a few hours ago and let me know that the UFC sent NO ONE to speak at his funeral. He let me know how much this saddened the family and how very disappointed they were about it all.

This is an EX CHAMPION of theirs, NOT some scrub that fought for them once and thats it. Are you trying to tell me he doesn't deserve any of the UFC brass' presence at his funeral? Doesn't deserve a single kind word or statement of gratitude for the services that he provided their organization?

Fucking bullshit if you ask me. This also brings me back to the whole reason I was let go by them. It obviously wasn't because they thought I was offensive to the Tanners it was as I ALWAYS was because I spoke my mind about the organization and the way the treat their fighters.

Actions speak louder than words and they can say what they want about why they were not present but to me it sure looks like they didn't give two shits about the guy.
Fucking sad.


Send fucking flowers to Tanner's funeral service. Nothing more to say."

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