Tuesday, September 30, 2008

"On a lot of levels it's strictly a business move. Lesnar v Couture is worth far more money than Couture v Fedor."

- Paul Heyman UK's Sun Sports Columnist article here

I think this has the potential to be the biggest fight in MMA history, but Fedor still looms big in the minds of MMA fans in the USA. I think before the Affliction show, most of America really had not bought into Fedor, but after he dismantled Tim Sylvia in less than a minute, people in the USA began to realize the guy was legit. Fedor is very soft spoken and probably is not equipped to hype a fight very well, but his legendary ring performances would probably be enough to push Fedor vs. Couture over the top. Lesnar has the Wrestling Community behind him and I am sure he brought a whole new legion of fans when he came to the UFC, but his cage skills still need sharpening. I think if this fight happened a year from now, it would probably be better, but considering the UFC is paying Lesnar #1 contender money he needs to do this fight now.

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