Thursday, September 11, 2008

Today's News

Fedor skips New Years show will fight at Affliction II on Jan. 17th and Affliction may be moving under Golden Boy.....totally makes sense in order for the business to survive. Sure they lose some fan cred by backing out of the October show, but they would have embarrassed themselves had they let it go on as planned. Secondly, the decision to add a true fight promoter to the business makes a whole lot more sense then letting a guy who sells clothing run the business. Also there are rumors of HBO.............

Could the Golden Boy move mean a mixed promotion of Boxing and MMA on one card? I would buy it....

Kevin Iole is sometimes to quick to pull the trigger on things.....I am sure the UFC has something planned for the upcoming Fight Night

Kos, Leben and Diego share a car ride.....what next peace in the Middle East?

Faber vs. Penn.....pretty cool match up of Prodigy versus Prodigy...just so you know I copyrighted that

Fight Night will be returning to a military base near you in December

Matt Riddle talks Evan Tanner

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