Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Today's News

"Chuck you now look like the drunken frat guy at a party who hit on the wrong guy's girl and ended up on queer street…. There's now speculation that Liddell will try to get his cred back by challenging Anderson Silva. Chuck, my man, if you got any sense and you don't want to end up nose flat on the mat, you'd be wise to stay as far away from The Spider as possible."

- Jim Rome

Totally agree with this take on Rome's idiot quote.....Jim stick you making 25-38 year old single men horny for you

The Snowman Jeff Monson makes a trip to the would you like to be those cops?

The Big Fight against Overeem has Cro Cop making promises....hopefully he can cash them

185 or 205, I'll take the best opportunity says Hendo

Checkout this video of Big John as an LAPD officer in the LA Riots of 1992

Jens Pulver updates his blog here

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