Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Quick Thoughts

Sorry I have been MIA the past few days, I went to a wedding at Bushwood Country Club in Harbor Springs, MI and I may have taken approximately ten years off my life. Anyhoo, I am heading into another wedding bender this weekend so I wanted to hit you up with my thoughts on the world of MMA before I head off to the Smails' Yacht Christening Part II.

Couture vs. Lesnar is a solid fight no matter what the old school fans think. The heavyweight division isn't full of veteran names so there really isn't a warm up match for Randy or even a young contender that I'd throw out there to fight Lesnar at this point. Lesnar is a physical freak and has the ability to overwhelm Randy, but Randy always seems to outperform in situations like this where he is a physical underdog so I think it makes for a great fight.

Fedor will fight in the UFC. Despite the hate that has been spewed about Dana White, he was absolutely right to defend his contracted fighters and it is not responsible for him to make a single fight happen when a belt would be on the line. If Fedor really wants to prove he is the best, he should sign a multi fight deal with the UFC and fight Randy. It is really a win win for him because even if he loses he will still be in the best organization in the world and fighting on the biggest PPV cards up to four times a year which means he will be making a ton of money. If he sticks to his status as a permanent free agent he risks a lot financially because he may only get one or two fights a year and won't have as many PPV fighters to be matched up against. Realistically, there is no one in Elite XC that I would pay to watch him fight and Affliction only has Barnett and Arlovski so the pickings are slim.

Rampage needs to take six to nine months off and get his head together. Liddell went through the same thing when he dropped the title and then he tried to get back in the ring quickly but didn't prepare properly and it set him back almost 18 months to return to a position to have a shot at the light heavyweight belt. Rampage is trying out a new fight team and dealing with numerous legal issues, both of which are far more complicated than anything Chuck went through when he lost the belt. Rampage needs to clear his head, get dedicated in the gym and clear his name. Once he does that, Dana should fight him, but until he gets those three things accomplished I think it is a waste to throw him in the Octagon because he will not be successful.

GSP versus Penn needs to wait. There are contenders in both of their respective weight classes that deserve shots at the title. I think fighters should establish several title defenses before they are allowed to jump and fight other weight classes. Anderson Silva is a perfect example of how it should be done. He literally destroyed every legit contender at his weight class and only then did he move up to 205. GSP and Penn would be better served to do the same, because it would enhance the value of that fight ultimately.

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