Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Caption of the Day

Rashad: "Let's get it poppin' baaabaay!!! You won the TUF, I won TUF."
Forrest: "Nice track job out there tonight...Sorry that's the best compliment I can give."
Rashad: "Talk to my right hand son....Talk to my right hand son...."
Forrest: "Take it easy Sugar unless you want me to caramelize you right here in front of Bog Boi."
Rashad: "Aaaah shit better start doing some work son because if you thought the dance I did to night was phat I am going straight pop block your ass."
Forrest: "Tell you what...I'll smash you with a liver kick in round one, get you in the clinch and proceed to do the MMA community a favor and insure that you don't try and party boy your way around the ring."
Rashad: "Word...Word.."
Forrest: "Then, when your breathing out of your mouth, I'll step back and show you what real blackness looks like with a straight right to the button."
Rashad: "Hold me back son! Hold me back son!
Dana White: "What the (bleep) are you clowns doing? Jesus (bleeping) Christ. Forrest you (bleeper). Rashad you (bleeper). What do you think I need another (bleeping) Rampage (bleeping) situation on my hands? Help yourselves to some hookers and blow."
- Photo courtesy of Combat Lifestyle

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