Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Top Notch Free Agents

Denis Kang in talks with a few "top" North American organizations

Joey Villasenor would like to join his stablemates in the UFC

Carano and Cyborg are out of a job and some think the WEC would be a great place to go

Five reasons Jake Shields and the UFC should partner up

Nobody has a plan for Nick Diaz

I don't even no where to go on Kimbo Slice....he's got marketability, but he was taken for a ride by Elite XC and he needs to join an organization where he isn't expected to carry the load. Consequently, he needs to take a pay cut, fight tougher opponents and accept an under card roll to start. That's what he should do if he wants to get his reputation back, earn respect of other fighters and set himself up for a real big payday.

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