Thursday, October 9, 2008

Today's News

“I think you’re going to see him fighting at barbecues again”

- Dana on Kimbo(Props

Tito doesn't understand how medical insurance works

The Synergy never seems to work, surprise Golden Boy and Affliction can't make up their minds

Brian Stann not fighting at UFN 16

If you are looking for TUF updates, I am not supplying links anymore because the show officially jumped the shark last night. Not only are the ratings down, but the content of the show is just horrible at this point. After the umpteenth drunken meltdown Dana proceeded to let two guys off the hook and made Shane Nelson fight to prove he was tough. Shocking the guy was awful in the cage and the only thing worse than his performance was that the dude who beat him was only slightly less terrible. If they want to make it successful again, have a house for each team and make it a true tournament with matches picked by Joe Silva just like what they have to get on the show. No one cares about the drunken BS, we want to see fights and we want to see good ones, that is it.

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