Friday, October 24, 2008

Approaching BLACKOUT......


Is Elite XC going under good or bad for MMA?

Luke: Competition is good for the sport when it is legitimate, but I don't believe Elite XC ran a tight ship and thus never really competed with the UFC for fans. They overspent on overhyped talent and cheated their fans out of some great fights. I think that there are some outstanding fighters that will leave Elite XC and go on to make big names for themselves in other organizations, most notably Jake Shields, but for the most part Elite had a roster of has beens, could have beens and should have beens; please step forward Ken Shamrock, Phil Baroni, and Ricco Rodriguez. Kimbo Slice, whether he deserves the blame or not, symbolizes everything that was wrong with the company and why it is not here today. Is he entertaining? Yes, but he is not an MMA fighter and the company was built around him, so that says it all. Losing Elite XC is a net plus for the sport. All the good fighters will find themselves in organizations like the UFC, Affliction or Strikeforce and do much better for themselves as a result.

Butch: Tough question because the more organizations putting on shows usually results in better fights, shows, and overall is good for the sport. EliteXC had a lot of good talent, but never put together the right match ups or properly promoted their fighters. Most of their fighters will sign with Affliction to have non-exclusive contracts. A couple of guys will head to the UFC and some will be forced to sign with a regional promotion and fight their way up. Overall, this is not good for the sport because their is less competition for the UFC and will discourage other investors from creating new promotions.

Does Women's MMA have a future?

Luke: As long as they can pump out fighters that look like Gina Carano there will be money to be made. Unfortunately, women who fight for a living are usually not attractive, sorry ladies but it is true. I think Gina Carano or Kyra Gracie can probably find themselves slotted on a card in any organization, but as far as a belt system and consistent matches, I don't think there is a future.

Butch: Right now there are not enough fighters to create distinct weight classes. I think whoever signs Gina Carano will lock her up long term and sign her opponents to 1 fight deals. She will be featured on undercards because she is cheap and attracts fans. Dana White said he has no interest in women's MMA, I think Affliction or a Japanese promotion will pick up Carano.

Bisping wants to fight Anderson Silva before he retires, how long until he is ready to get a title shot?

Luke: Certainly his win over Leben bodes will for his future in that division, but I didn't like his comments that he fought for a decision victory. As a fan or a fight promoter, that is the worst thing you want to hear come out of a fighters mouth, especially one who wants a title shot. I think 185 is the right division for him, but it remains to be seen how well he can do against the likes of Travis Lutter, Nate Marquardt, Rich Franklin or Dan Henderson. Based on his performance against Leben he is not on their level. If he beat Rich or Dan in the next six months I'd say give him a title shot right away, but I'd rather throw him our against Lutter or Marquardt first and then see how he does, so the timeline is at least a year.

Butch: Bisping has a couple of fights to go before he gets Anderson Silva. He is scheduled to be the next coach of TUF and will face either Rich Franklin or Hendo. He has to win that fight and possibly face both of them at 185 before facing Silva. In the meantime Silva will move up to 205 and work his way towards a title shot and go back to 185 for Bisping in a year or so.

Do you believe Luke Cummo?

Luke: I think the fact that 10 cent wings were involved says it all.

Butch: I am more concerned with Luke's past couple of losses. He needs to bounce back ASAP or look for a new promotion.

Best MMA Nickname?

Luke: Gotta go with Dwayne "Bang" Ludwig, guaranteed to sell tickets anywhere.

Butch: I'll go with Matt “The Law” Lindland especially since he is running for office.

Is Patrick Cote ready to pull off the upset of the century?

Luke: I think he has some heavy bombs, but the guys who have given Spider the most trouble are guys like Travis Lutter and Dan Henderson. Stand up bangers like Franklin, Irvin and Leben tend to get worked, so no I don't see the upset happening.

Butch: I think it is highly unlikely that Cote will follow in the footsteps of Matt Serra and "shock the world". Silva hasn't lost since New Year's 2004 (not counting the Okami DQ) and that was via submission. Cote will try to stand and bang with Silva and that has never worked.

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