Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Today's News

This pic is priceless......I think he just realized that Kimbo's Reality Kings contract wouldn't afford the spinners he wanted

At least Bas Rutten is sticking up for Kimbo

More Rumors that Elite XC paid Shamrock extra to stand with Kimbo

Rumble Johnson vs. Kevin Burns rematch at the TUF 8 Final....hopefully justice will be served

This guy thinks Kimbo losing is bad for MMA? Personally, if I was NBC sports I would just fire him right now, but then again I guess some people care about other people. Kimbo, the backyard brawling street fighter represented every single negative stereotype about the sport of MMA and he was only bringing the the sport down. His marketability was somewhat good, but he was mostly just a cartoonish character who lacked any substance and he took press away from the people who worked so hard to get the sport where it is today. The bottom line is Kimbo appealed to the same mouth breathing freaks who enjoy dog fights or witnessing the occasional back alley dust up after the bar closes. These aren't the people that can be sold to advertisers, which will drive the sport to bigger and better things so good riddens.

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