Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Scorpian King Will Prevail

I know, I know not really an exciting or an original pick considering that the Natural is probably the most liked fighter of All-Time and is an underdog, if only in Vegas terms, but I still believe that he is the toughest guy on the planet to beat in a title fight. Lesnar has some very obvious advantages, which anyone with two working eyeballs can see. He is a massive human being, who moves as quickly as someone a tenth of his size and is probably the most powerful person in the sport. Regardless of what you think of his years in the WWE, Lesnar is an accomplished athlete and was skilled enough to get a shot at the NFL without any college football experience. He trains with one of the toughest competitors in the sport, Sean Sherk, so it is pretty safe to say that the guy will be in shape for the fight and focused. Hmmm? Sounds like Randy is up against a guy that is bigger, faster, stronger, younger and in shape, how could he possibly win? The answer is knowledge and experience. Randy won't be as disrespectful to Lesnar's physical skills as Frank Mir, let Brock get top position and hope to submit him. He won't be as stupid as Heath Herring was to test one of Brock's punches in hopes of proving his iron chin. No, I believe Randy is going to design his game plan to use Brocks biggest strengths against him. I am guessing he'll probably make Brock work on his feet the first round or two like he did with Tim Sylvia. Use some good head movement and lad a few jabs, but mostly frustrate Brock because regardless of his power, Lesnar is not sharp and compact with his punches. The message is simple, I can make you look bad, which will get Brock fired up and over anxious. At that point, Randy is hoping Lesnar switches to Donkey Kong mode and as long as Couture isn't mounted or pressed against the cage there will be openings for submissions. Which ones? Not sure, but I am quite positive he'll catch Brock during some sort of transition or if Couture is able utilize a trip or a throw and land himself in good position. I can't say what round or how, but I expect Randy to force Brock to tap.
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